We’re a small team consisting of journalists, data-obsessives, politicos and a management consultant. Photos and bios to follow.

One thing we have in common, though, is that we’re impartial, we’re not Remainers or Brexiteers, Tories or Labour. We’re relatively cynical about politics and politicians, we have a healthy mistrust of the media and prefer to listen to what our users think than what what we’re told to think by ‘The Man’.


1. Some questions matter
Some questions are important, and our members want to discuss things that really matter.
Kim Kardashians swimsuit will not feature on The Daily Election.

2. Morons will face the firing squad
If you are being a dick to other members for no reason you are an inarticulate moron.
Morons will be banned.
Funny morons might be allowed to stay.

3. No question is too intelligent
People are more intelligent than the mainstream media thinks.
Smart people becomes members at The Daily Election.
Idiots go to The Daily Mail.

4. We have our own views, but are neutral
Half the fun of The Daily Election is that we get to talk to people with different views we wouldn’t usually.
We aim to be neutral on anything we ask. If we accidentally show a bias, tell us.
Our members are from all parts of the world, all religions, all socio-economic class and all races. We don’t want that to ever change.